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Woodflow and forest-based biomass energy use on the island of Ireland (2011) (pdf 564Kb) 

Harvesting and Processing Forest Biomass for Energy Production in Ireland. The ForestEnergy 2006 programme. (pdf 2,175Kb)  Pieter D. Kofman and Tom Kent

A review of small-scale harvesting systems in use worldwide and their potential application in Irish forestry

Authors: Fionan Russell and Donal Mortimer. On the basis of an international review, this report presents a number of generic harvesting systems and component operations suitable for use in the harvesting of small-scale forestry in Ireland. Download pdf (pdf 859Kb) 

Forecast of Roundwood Production from the Forests of Ireland 2001-2015
Authors: Gerhardt Gallagher and Joe O'Carroll (published 2001). A number of information gaps were identified within the industry, including the lack of an up-to-date roundwood production forecast, from state and private forests, both north and south. The work reported in this publication aims to fill this information gap. Download pdf. (pdf 114Kb) 

COFORD Strategic Study: Maximising the Potential of Wood Use for Energy Generation in Ireland
COFORD convened and facilitated a strategic group formed from the saw milling and forestry sectors which appointed Electrowatt-Ekono, an international consultancy specialising in biomass and energy, to carry out a strategic study in the area of wood use for energy in Ireland. The assignment was performed in partnership with the Tipperary Institute, an integrated education and development institute established by the Irish Government who focused on the Irish specific issues including the national energy balance and the wood potential. The report can be downloaded here. (pdf 2,032Kb) 

Networking and Knowledge Transfer Support Initiative Reports

Billet harvesting, drying and processing of willow short rotation coppice for the wood energy market in the UK (pdf 477Kb)  - G. O'Sullivan
EUBIONET II International Training Programme, Joensuu, Finland 3 - 7 October 2005. Wood fuel production for small-scale use and district heating plants (pdf 774Kb)  - Bernard Carey
Report on work experience in a wood fuel testing centre in Denmark (pdf 1,225Kb)  - Sean Kelly

DVD now available - Harvesting and Processing Forest Biomass for Energy Production in Ireland - The Forest Energy Programme

Solutions for extracting wood for energy from first thinnings of conifer and broadleaf plantations in Ireland.

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